Paper adventures - Floor Darts - children and family classic printable game

Floor Darts

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Robin Hood move over. Your bedroom is a mess but you are determined to show you have the best aim. A few pencils and bit of imagination is all you need. Hit the center and you will score big. Sweets will help you break records but avoid those awful smelly socks or these dirty footprints.

This fun  printable game will see 2 or more players using their best aiming skills to get the best score. A fun and safe way to introduce children to darts or just have a quick game to fill the time. Be warned, this is a highly addictive game.

Like all our games on page, this one is given a clear engaging printable layout for hours of fun at home or on the go. Just print, grab a pen, a dice and play.

Players : 2+
Length : 5 minutes
Age : 6 years +
Best for : family time, birthday parties & rainy days