How does it work ?
Super simple : choose, download, print and play. You choose the activity you want, add to your basket, pay and you will receive a download link. Once downloaded, you will need to print the activity and then you are ready to go. Each activity will include clear instructions on how to play.

How do I download and open the files ?
Once payment has been confirmed you can either click on download link of confirmation page or email confirmation sent to you. Once clicked, files should download automatically. They will usually by in a zip file so you will need to unzip them and use an updated pdf reader to open relevant files you want to play.

How do I print the games and activities ?
Each activity is designed to be printed on one side only of A4 paper. In a few cases, printing on both sides will prevent from playing activities fully.
Each activity comes in 2 versions :
- Full colour version for best experience : print one side only in colour.
- Eco, low-ink friendly option : print one side only in black and white.

How do I access videos for activities ?
Some activities will have accompanying videos to help the experience (eg. escape games will have timer soundtrack video and others will have how-to videos). To access these just scan the QR code printed on relevant pages of activity using your smartphone to start video.

What do I do if my file doesn't work ?
First check email confirmation again to click on the download link again. Then ensure you have an up-to-date pdf reader.  Most files are zipped, so you will need to unzip them. If on phone, download a zip reader on iPhone or Android. If you still have troubles accessing your files, contact us here so we can resend you an updated link.

I don’t have a printer, what do I do ?
Our service is currently download only so we won’t be able to deliver games yet. So if you or friends don’t have a printer, then you should check out local printing shops who will print them out for you for personal use.

Where do I find out about the tree donation ?
As part of commitment to a more sustainable planet, we are pledging that every purchase helps reforestation. We have partnered with the amazing non-profit Tree Nation organisation who focuses on planting trees all around the world. Watch out for an email from please-reply@tree-nation.com to find out more about your tree on their cool site. Don’t forget to check your spam emails if you didn't see it come through to learn more.