Great Jungle Escape
Great Jungle Escape
Great Jungle Escape
Great Jungle Escape
Great Jungle Escape
Great Jungle Escape

Great Jungle Escape

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Welcome to a kids Jungle Escape Room Game with a difference. This Escape Room kit is the perfect introduction for the very young (from 4 to 7 year olds) with a fun mix of puzzles and agility games for everyone to have a blast. You will find everything you need in this DIY printable kit to transform your home into an Escape Room. Just print & play. Perfect for a children's birthday party with a jungle, monkey or safari theme.


🔍 STORY-DRIVEN : no random series of puzzles but instead a fun adventure full of plot twists to delight young and old. Our games play in 60 minutes and are great from 6 year olds onwards thanks to our adaptive hint system. Perfect to boost reading, creative-thinking and team building.
🔍 IMMERSIVE : check out our innovative QR codes to trigger video countdown and original papercraft.
🔍 EASY SET-UP: just print, download and play thanks to our beginner friendly set-up including video and hints, low ink version of game & family friendly themes. A very easy DIY Escape game kit to transform your home into an Escape Room.


The Jungle is filled with the most incredible wild animals. But Professor Wacky has locked them up in his new jungle zoo. From flamingos to zebras, no wild animal is safe. This includes you, a group of cheeky monkeys !
With the help of the Great Old Monkey, can you outsmart the professor and help all the animals escape in time ?


"The Case of Auntie’s Manor was a delightful, family friendly game for the kids. The art, puzzles and overall theme was very wholesome." Escape The


The Escape Room kit plays in 45 minutes and requires an adult Game Master (you, reading this). Solve as a team varied puzzles and agility games throughout an unforgettable adventure tailored for the little ones. This game is ideal for 2 players or more for children (from 4 to 7 years). So perfect as a family Escape Room adventure for birthday parties or rainy days. All you need is to print at home the adventure and follow our simple set-up to transform your home into an Escape Room. Our super easy instructions make it perfect for first-timers.

You just need to print, scissors, paper glue and you are good to go.

The ideal number of players is 4 to 5 but if you have more players just print multiple copies per group and do a race between groups.

👫 Players : 2+
⏰ Length : 60 minutes
🧒 Age : 4 - 7 years olds (with adult gamemaster)
🥳 Best for : birthday parties, playdates, family time & rainy days.


- Best Escape Game kit Pack (for best experience, print in colour) - File size : 38 MB
- Eco Escape Game kit Pack (ink saving option that can also be printed in black and white) - File size : 26 MB
- Game Master Book (tips on set-up and full solutions to run the game) - File size : 22 MB
- Our QR code extras : set-up video and immersive game timer video

This is a digital product to print at home. Due to size exceeding Etsy limits, once purchased, you will be given instructions and links to files on Google Drive. For more details, check the Etsy’s guide on Downloading Digital Items :


We pride ourselves in excellent customer service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and send us a message on Etsy. Peace of mind guaranteed : money back if not satisfied.

Wishing you lots of happy adventures and that the passion we have for making these games shines through our attention to detail.
JG from Paper Adventure

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